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Discover all the benefits of our services and build a successful satellite internet business in your area.

We work with small cable operators, cooperatives or Internet service providers to develop a thriving business in rural or suburban areas. Our innovative connectivity solutions enable them to deliver services in areas where large telecom operators' networks do not reach, bridging the digital divide in local communities and generating regional economic growth.


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  • What requirements must I meet to become an Orbith’s reseller?

      All you need is to get a license that authorizes you to provide internet services and have the desire to start a new profitable, simple, and scalable business in your area.

  • What does Orbith's "white-label" wholesale solution include?

      Orbith provides you with the satellite network, the equipment you’ll need to install in your customers' homes, all the support systems you need to operate, and the technical and operational training to start selling satellite internet.

  • How much do I need to invest?

      You don't need to commit to a minimum investment amount or a minimum volume of subscribers.

  • Can I have exclusive rights in my area of operation?

      Yes, we provide exclusivity in cases where you commit to a minimum sales volume and customer base that we agree upon based on the potential of your area of interest.