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  • What is Orbith?

      Orbith is a high-speed satellite internet provider for rural households and businesses far from urban centers, without connectivity alternatives, and where fiber or cable service providers do not reach.

  • How does satellite technology work?

      We install a modem with Wi-Fi inside your home, and a small satellite dish-shaped antenna on an exterior wall. With this simple solution, we can provide high-speed internet service to all the devices in your house or business.

  • Where is Orbith available?

      Orbith is available throughout the territories of Argentina and Chile, covering remote and rural areas where other services do not reach or where only wireless technology services are available, which are slower and often suffer from interruptions.

  • What type of customer is Orbith for?

      Orbith is ideal for people with connectivity issues or who need high-speed internet in remote or rural areas that cable or fiber companies do not reach. It is ideal for everyday activities such as entertainment, video streaming, social media, web browsing, online shopping, banking, education, and staying in touch with family or friends.